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funinpaint's Journal

Fun in MS Paint
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rudegirlnikki devildoll_666 evillittleblue
your moderators - by rudegirlnikki and devildoll_666

So here is what happens;
Everyday (or every once in a while), we will post a word, subject or phrase.
What you do - draw your own rendition of the topic.
If you think you have a good idea for a subject, feel free to post it! Just be sure to number it in sequence and put the topic in the subject box.

- ONLY use microsoft paint (or a similar program). I know it isnt the greatest thing to use, but that's what makes it more awesome.
- We dont really care how vulgar or whatever, just as long as the picture relates to the topic.
- Have fun!

You DO NOT have to be ANY good at MS Paint (or the equivalent) to join and draw. The fact that it sucks is what makes it fun! Please join in!

Above banner created by evillittleblue

Feel free to promote your favourite MS Paint community!

copy and paste - you know the routine